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Finalist of the contest "The world through the eyes of indigenous peoples. Culture, Traditions, Life 2022"[:]
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4 of my photos entered the final of the competition "The world through the eyes of indigenous peoples....

First Place on 3D-Con 2022[:]
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First Place for the Best Cumulative Score. 3D-Con 2022 Image competitions are a long-time tradition of the annual...

World Photography Awards 2021 competition
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My work "Morning Tea" won the Excellence award at World Photography Awards 2021[:]

Siena Creative Photo Awards shortlist[:]
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Photo "Morning Tea" was shortlisted for the Siena Creative Photo Awards[:]

Exhibition #WIND WINDER in the Darwin Museum[:]
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In 2021, the photo "Thunderstorm over Lake Baikal" was exhibited at the #WIND_RANGE exhibition at the State...

Photo of the day on the site PhotoSight.ru[:]
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Photo of the day on the site PhotoSight.ru[:]

5th Ozone Zone International Photo Salon
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Three of my works were in 5th Ozone Zone International Photo Salon . At the same time, one of them received...

Photo of the day on the site PhotoSight.ru[:]
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Photo of the day on the site PhotoSight.ru[:]

ТОП-10 on fotokto.ru[:]
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Top 10 popular photos of the project fotokto.ru for 19.11.2017, at heading "Nude" [:]

Exhibition RGO "The Most Beautiful Country 2017"[:]
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In 2017 at the exhibition RGO "The Most Beautiful Country" a photograph of the eruption of the Flat Tolbachik...

Cover of the magazine Les Others[:]
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French magazine Les Others published cover with photo Flat Tolbachik volcano eruption. Les Others - is a bilingual...

List of exhibitions[:]
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Exhibition # WIND_RANGE (Finalist and participant of the exhibition. Moscow, State Darwin Museum, 2021)...

3D tour of the blue planet. Novosibirsk[:]
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November 24, 2015 in Novosibirsk will Exhibition "3D tour of the blue planet". Exhibitors - Photographers...

"Horse in the pictures." The exhibition in Lithuania.[:]
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In 2015, Lithuania was an exhibition "Horse in the photos," which involved some of my work.[:]

Золотая Черепаха 8
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В 2014 году на выставке Золотая Черепаха 8 была выставлена...

Spring forever. Moscow, 2007[:]
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Photos from the exhibition: Jan Sommer and Nina Ai Artyan. In April 2007, Moscow was the first exhibition...

Stereo show[:]
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In March 2007, Moscow hosted the stereo show 3D photos of different photographers. At the show were presented...

Stereo photographs on display in Novosibirsk[:]
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In Novosibirsk, within the exhibition of optical illusions, "the fourth dimension" represented my stereophotography...

The exhibition in the gallery "Ra" in Kiev[:]
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Photos from the series "rustle behind his back," presented at the exhibition in Kiev in 2005.[:]

STEREOtypes - Exhibition of stereo in St. Petersburg[:]
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At the International Exhibition of 3D photos  was presented a few of my stereo photos.[:]